We are Koala Art for Kids! A new and enriching project whose objective is the dissemination of art as a means of communicating and interacting with everything that surrounds us. We think that art has the power to create emotions and open new horizons, which is why we decided to join it with another of our passions: children.


We rely on the artistic potential of the youngest and their innate ability to create. And that is why we propose artistic visual and plastic experiences of all kinds so that they can experiment, learn and know new sensations. Always from game and fun.



We offer a wide variety of small and large artistic proposals adapted to all types of spaces and needs. They can be installations, games spaces or workshops on a particular subject.



Although we mainly address a children’s audience, the proposals are open to everyone who is interested in living art from within, from the desire to create, discover, experience and feel.



Art is inclusive and everyone is free to live it in their own way. It opens minds, borders and draw new paths. “Koala is an invitation for every child to develop the small artist that carries inside”